Depressing Apple News

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Re: Depressing Apple News

Not sure I can agree with your assessment to be honest.

Apple is doing nothing illegal. They are taking advantage of the system that is in place, and can you blame them. It is really not much different than some people that register their automobiles in states where they really don't reside to keep from paying excise taxes. It is what the system allows. I know of at least 6 of my neighbors that have their vehicles registered in Florida, yet don't live there. Why? Because the laws allow it through loopholes. Yet I pay my fair share of excise taxes each and every year.

Apple sells billions of products and those products create revenue to each and every state via State Sales taxes. If Apple, and their management and lawyers are able to work around paying Company taxes, that is because the laws allow it. Everyone knows there are loopholes in pretty much every state that benefits larger Corporations who employ our citizens.

funnelwebmaster wrote:

I loveApple products.
But this is discouraging.
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