Rebuttal to professional photographers

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Re: Rebuttal to professional photographers

jglaser757 wrote:

IT might take time finding clients, but that happens in any business. And, I think every business finds this aspect to be the hardest.

Having the ability to take great photographs is not hard! Anybody can become a good photographer with the proper schooling and training.

Any thoughts? Am I off-base here!



You're off-base in part...

As you stated it does take hard work, business skills (easily acquired), and it does take time to build a client base.

But the ability to take 'great' (subjective I know) photographs is hard. Most people cannot do it. Sharp, well-exposed pictures are not great pictures ... They are two-a-penny. Cameras, not people, create them. Consistently creating great photographs requires a huge amount of applied learning/experience, and - most importantly - a unique, personal 'vision'. Few have the long-term application and the innate visual talent to achieve consistently great photography.

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