Nikon needs to FIRE employees related to D4/D800/E Release

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Re: This is a joke

danidentity wrote:

Your rant just shows your ignorance.

Nikon's financial results this year will probably be the best they've ever had. Currently they are selling every single camera they can produce, and this will likely continue for most, if not all of the year. There will be no "demand shift" as your post alludes to. The people complaining on this forum are a tiny sliver of the entire population of consumers. Just because people haven't received pre-orders, doesn't mean their existing cameras don't work.

Sorry but without going into childish rants as to why I don't have a D800 yet, you can BET a lot of shareholders aren't happy about the shortages.

I almost choke when I hear people here talk about rarity and demand, thinking that Nikon is somehow happy it can't meet demand. Have you guys not even ever tried to sell something?!? The first rule of economy is to have something to sell. Your money in Nikon's pockets is what they want. To do that, they need cameras out there, not hype, not trickled distribution. It is a good problem when you can't keep up with demand, but it is, nonetheless, a major problem anyway.

You'd be surprised at how many people just walk into a store and buy something, even if they don't really need it. You think Nikon happy when a Soccer mom walks into a store and buys a Canon FF instead of the new D800?! In the same fashion the DP community is a small percentage, it also represents a tiny fraction of their sales. A lot of folks are compulsive and will buy whatever is available at a given time. Not saying its smart, but it is what it is.

I understand the D800 demand was above what they expected. Understand it is hard to scale production up rapidly... But everyone who has been involved in manufacturing would agree that not having your product out there for sales and meeting demand is a major problem. Shareholders WILL demand some answers... If I was a shareholder, I would...

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