Monochrome M - Silly Idea?

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Re: Monochrome M - Silly Idea?

I don't know if this kind of camera is true ... but i believe that when Leica makes its cameras doesn't take Silver Efex pro as an important reference least i hope !!..... maybe it will be the "Nik software" to be motivated to realize a good plug-in to properly post-procees those kind of files... !!

you can't load your camera with a colors Velvia film to convert the pictures in B/W.... just use a monochrome film and work with the grays.....and the curve, or put a filter in front of your lens ( or maybe you can select it from a possible menu' setting in this unknown camera) ..... it's the essence of B/W ....if you love it... if not the M8 or M9 are always alive !!


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