Anyone seen this model before? A 600EX Canon flash

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Re: Anyone seen this model before? A 600EX Canon flash

Hi Cameron,

The 600EX and 600EX-RT are two different models. They differ in the ability to communicate via radio transmission. You can find a review of the 600EX here:

Canon UK lists them both on their site:

I think DigitalRev made a (understandable) mistake and you can ask them to ship the right flash. It's not strange they send the other one, since the speedlites are almost indistinguible.
Hope this helps.

Cheers, EP79

Cameron wrote:

Thought you guys might find this interesting. I ordered a 600EX-RT from DigitalRev on eBay and this arrived today. Of course it sadly doesn't work with my ST-E3-RT so it is pointless but when I started searching the web for the model 600EX I can't find anything about it. Is this the first one anyone has seen? The instruction manual for the 600EX-RT does have on the front 600EX-RT / 600EX so I guess this model was coming..

Anyway, I'm sure it was just a genuine mistake by DigitalRev, I have never had a problem with them, shipping was lightning quick so I'll forgive them when I get the model I ordered. (BTW, I definitely ordered a 600EX-RT)



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