D800 - Left AF issue - Update - Part II

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Re: 14-24 has same issue on at least some D700s

JMacedo wrote:

jonstatt wrote:

Look at this previous link:-

One person said they changed their 14-24 three times before they got one that didn't have the issue. But then I hope people are not getting their D800s calibrated based on this lens which seems to have its own challenges. Getting this one right, may put other lenses out.

I can't see the thread in the link you posted (page not found).

Anyway, the adjustments were made using a 50mm lens, not mine but Nikon's. It fixed the issues I was having with my 14-24 and 24-70.

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Jorge Macedo

Interesting Jorge as the 50mm lens was the one giving me the most inconsistent results. The link just pointed to a D700 user who found that both side AF points produced severe backfocus. I wish I still had my D700 to compare with that lens. I never used the outermost points when using that particular lens so I never noticed. Typically I use the outer points for portraits to align with the eye. While you are living proof that the 14-24 can be made to work well with the D800, I still think its one of those lenses that requires absolute perfection to do so. I don't know if that massive domed front element has something to do with it.

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