is IS important for HDSLR video?

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Re: is IS important for HDSLR video?

On the subject of IS when using a tripod, sometimes it can be worth leaving the IS on.

I frequently use my 70-300 L IS for filming wildlife. When doing this I almost always mount the camera on my tripod. I have experimented a lot with using this with and without IS and the footage is always smoother with the IS.

Even though my tripod is very stable, when panning to follow something like say a squirrel climbing a tree this still introduces shake in the footage. Especially since I'm usually shooting at 300mm. With IS off, the footage is full of the signs of small vibrations. With IS on the footage is far more smoother with a more 'liquid' feel to the pans and movements.

Obviously some lenses are better than others for this. I think I've read that only some of the more recent Canon lenses have the latest generation IS that can work in conjunction with a tripod (And I'd imagine Nikon's latest lenses are the same). If you have one of these lenses, trust me it really does do wonders if you leave the IS on.

Of course, if I'm shooting a static shot the IS is off 100% of the time.

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