Nikon needs to FIRE employees related to D4/D800/E Release

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Re: Nikon needs to FIRE employees related to D4/D800/E Release

JeffWu wrote:

If I am in the C-suite at Nikon, I am seriously considering firing executives charged with the release of the Nikon D4/800/E models. Beyond the fact that they seem to have NO information to share with customers related to the availability of inventory to fill backorders, which is in and of itself unforgivable for a for-profit company, they act like it's no big deal - they just underestimated demand.

It's no big deal - it's just a camera.

I would be infinitely more upset if I were a shareholder of Nikon. Because the one thing that I hate more than not being able to purchase a camera body is to read bad financial statements, which could have been avoided.

Nikon is selling every D800/D800E/D4 they have the capacity to produce.
Good for shareholders, bad for the gotta-have-it-now-or-I-throw-a-tantrum crowd.

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