Looking more and more at Nikon stuff....

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Re: Looking more and more at Nikon stuff....

Gionni Dorelli wrote:

Just saying... some thoughts of a Pro user, yet with a bit of humor.

Top ten responses with a bit of humor:

1) That's nice.

2) What's a Nikon?

3) I enjoy potato chips. Just sayin'.

4) Wake me up if anything important is posted.

5) Silly me... here I am looking at my photos lately.

6) Did somebody say something? I really wasn't paying attention.

7) I'm calling the cops on you. Pro users are not allowed to buy Sony.

8) Good job! It's an established fact that Nikon has no drawbacks whatsoever. None. Zilch.

9) (For advanced readers only.) If a tree falls in the forest and it's photographed with a Nikon, does the image have noise?

10) Naivete is so cute... you'll eventually learn that CANOKONYPENOLY is the best brand out there. Anything else is a waste of time.

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