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Re: According to Epson...

John Wi Hall wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

11.8 mm thick paper? Wow. You could use it as a tray.

You could, if it did say that, but it didn't.

It says 11.8 mil

Or, using ancient standards from the land of "rod, pole or perch", firkin, furlong, hogshead, barleycorn etc., 11.8 thousandths of an inch.

Ah, you are Canadian, me no speak Canadian :-). In my 20 years in industrial design we called that 11.8 thou here ! Do you do metric in Canda, or are you still lumbered with Imperial?


Petruska wrote:

your printer lists that it can use Epson's Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy (selection in the printer driver) and this is the heaviest paper that Epson makes.

The paper specs are....

Basis weight 79lb
Thickness 11.8 mil
Opacity 96%
ISO Brightness 96

We these specs it covers most of the papers out there.

Bob P.

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