Glad I bought the GH2

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Re: Glad I bought the GH2

Jeremy_T wrote:

The GH2 is surely nice, but I kind of regret buying it when I did late last year. Had I known the E-M5 was coming at the time, I probably would've waited it out.

For me, what I really miss on the GH2 compared to the EM5 are IBIS, RC flash control, and auto-ISO in M mode. RC flash control especially is a huge thing to lose, once you get used to it; the GH2's flash situation is very poor considering how good the rest of the camera is (you don't even have manual control over the popup).

If I were in the market now, those things (in addition to several other less important things) would easily justify the cost difference, and I would purchase the EM5 instead. As it is, they aren't enough to justify the upgrade to a body I purchased last year, so I'll be waiting for a GH3 at least before getting another body.

I agree with Jeremy. The E-M5 looks like a winner, but I'll wait for the GH3. Pany is likely to match or exceed any specs of the Oly. My hope is that they increase the burst speeds and the high ISO capabilities. Those are my only two minor complaints with my GH2.


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