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It's obviously the same sensor as the studio scene, better noise handling of the OM-D aside, images from the G3, GX1 and OM-D are identical.

Olympus obviously did a great job with it, just as Pentax did a great job improving on the 16mp Sony Exmor sensor found in the D7000, NEX-5N, K-5, et al.

Still knowing that it's the same sensor is relevant for users considering a purchase of the OM-D. Knowing what the G3 and GX1 are capable of, and the kind of images they can produce makes it easier to decide if the reviewer's claim that the OM-D IQ is as good as the best APS-C cameras on the market is accurate. Never having used the OM-D, but having shot extensively with the GX1 (and GH2), and having also used the D7000, D3100, X100, even though I think the OM-D is a beautiful camera, I'm not buying that it's on par or better than the best APS-C cameras. Knowing the basic performance of the 16mp LiveMOS, no tweaking in the world could make it as good as a sensor like the Exmor.

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