Olympus EM5: gold award

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Re: Olympus EM5: gold award

Don't think it will. It will be recognized for great image quality to high ISO but handling is simpler and not on par with current technology at that price range. My prediction on scoring would be from 72-77%. That said, I'm still buying one and not the EM5 just because:

I love:

-Visual style and build quality
-Optical Viewfinder
-Manual control
-Image quality

Having used Sigma DP1/DP2 for almost 3 years, let's just say they can't do worst in autofocus speed. It will be nice to have a good image at high ISO for a change too.

I know I will regret these qualities from EM-5:

-Weather proofing
-Fast AF
-Video IBIS (looks like shooting with a steadycam!)
-Lens range

Let's take bet on X-Pro1 dpreview score...anyone?

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