Dynamic Range Real World

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Re: Dynamic Range Real World

If the top photo was how it exposes, lord help us, that's horrible. The second shot, from what I understand is processed and how it should expose. It has pop and punch and most importantly.....Shadows! Oh my God it has dark areas. What a concept. I can't stand the pulling up of shadows. The idea that everything needs to be shown. It makes for some of the dullest, most boring photos I have ever seen. If you had to pull down the brightness to create the punch in the second photo, then dynamic range is not what it's cracked up to be. The human eye may have dynamic range well over the current cameras, but photography is an art and deep, dark shadows, punchy colors and contrast make for great pictures. Not, pictures that obliterate shadows.

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Photography, like many other hobbies, persuits and art forms, is first and foremost about having fun and exploring.

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