The Tiny Guys, 60D 100mm macro with raynox msn 202

Started May 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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kalimistuk OP Veteran Member • Posts: 8,215
Re: The Tiny Guys, 60D 100mm macro with raynox msn 202

Hi SteB, thanks for the nice comments, I was after the MP-E 65mm but now can justify the price and size of the lens, ie the size it extends to, I would have to get the twin flash to do the mpe65 justice so just opted for the raynox 202, I have been using the raynox 250 but needed that extra power and the raynox msn 505 is to much for my needs.

SteB wrote:

An impressive set. The Raynox MSN-202 with a 100mm macro would probably be my preferred way of getting this magnfication if I didn't have an MP-E 65mm. In fact it used to be before I got that lens. The Raynox lenses have always been underestimated. With a good lens they give very good results.

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