Maybe breaking into the upper scale club..

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Re: Maybe breaking into the upper scale club..

Craig wrote:

Oh yeah, when I agreed to do the job, after a few emails etc. I had a bad feeling come over me, I just realized I had a wedding that day. I could not believe it, I got so sick about it.

Then the wheels started turning and I figured out if I could get another photographer to finish off about 2 hours of the reception I would be good to go.

So I did and it should work since I will have already done most of the important shots anyways. I could not let this gig go by..

If you don't mind me saying so it sounds as if you are trying to justify abandoning a very important job (the wedding), so that you can make some more money on another job. Are the couple completely happy with your plan? Don't forget, to them it is the most important day of their lives. I'm sure your stand-in photographer will do a good job, but do the couple have complete confidence in him and what if he does get it wrong? I do hope that you have persuaded the couple this is the best course of action.


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