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re: such impressive results from the litte Sigi 30/2.8 !! (n/t)

Thank you!

mine was not a complain, only a wish. different people may have different preferences on sharpness levels, that's why I was asking for raw numbers.

for example, photozone numbers tend to imply a lot of importance to border/corner sharpness, but if you look at what they consider to be the center, then that should be the number to look at for most cases (at least for me).

similarly, I personally would put more weight on the mid 1/3, and less on corners. but that's just me.

I really hope you can set up some standardized way to test a ton of lens-camera combinations!! that would be super helpful (and get a lot of traffic for your site too!)

RCicala wrote:

The average is a weighted average:

center = 25%
4 corners = 25% (6.25% each)
4 sides = 25%
4 mid 1/3 = 25%

Unfortunately I just don't have blog space or time to put up the raw numbers. This is something I do in my spare time - I'm supposed to be using the equipment to check all the returning rental lenses so I can only get to this on slow days. In another month or two we should have a complete optical bench that will speed up lens testing incredibly and hopefully then I'll have more time to put out better numbers.

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