Who's sick of D800 post in a Canon forum?

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Re: Who's sick of D800 post in a Canon forum?
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I am always somewhat leary of posts on this board concerning "competeing cameras". Is there an ulterior motive behind the posts? Why do "others" spend so much time on the Canon boards? Do you spend time on "other" boards? That time might be best spend in the "field"! I learn about "other" camers by talking to friends and looking first hand at the cameras. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about why I don't like my Canon cameras but learning to use my cameras.

I am not going to change camera platforms with the investment that I have in Canon lens. Why worry about what you do not have and spend that time positively learning how to better use what you do have. Now, if I were to change platforms I would investigate all others available and visit their boards to learn what I could as well as talk face to face with friends using those other cameras.

It just does not make any sense to me that a Canon user would spend so much time here trashing (not suggesting imporvements) Canon products I suspect that those "big" negitive voices here are not Canon platform users. I do not even read their posts, most times at least!


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