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Amin Sabet wrote:

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Amin Sabet wrote:

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Panasonic senor is very competitive. M4/3 is very close to performance of APS sensors from Sony and Canon. I don't think they can do better for Olympus, at least not by much.

Even if Panasonic can make the best sensors, they don't have to give their best sensors to their competitor Olympus. In addition, they can charge Olympus very high prices for their best sensors.

This is very silly thinking...

There was at least one mainstream press interview of a Panasonic rep who was asked why Olympus didn't have the GH sensor and answered (paraphrasing) that we don't have to give our competitor everything.

How does that contradict what I said at all? That is exactly how the Panasonic (Lumix, not Semiconductor) would have seen it. Particularly if they had paid PIC (or even another sensor supplier, according to Chipworks the GH sensors have little in common with the other Panasonic sensors, so it is quite possible that Lumix went elsewhere for these sensors, especially if they have on-chip ADC) for development of this sensor, why on earth would they feel they needed to give it to Olympus. That is quite different to saying PIC denied Olympus access to anything.

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