After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

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Re: After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

Consider how old and outdated the old 12MPs are, I would not be surprised with the result. The good news is with such puch of technical advance, all of todays mirrorless and DSLR with the up to date 16MP ( or more ) sensors are now what one can truly expect decent result right up to the nominal mid range ISO ( 800, 1600 ) and usable into the high ISO ( 3200, 6400 ) with judicial use of NR and proper RAW development.

Panasonic is not sitting still either the new 12MP inside the GF-5 might be an even better idea. While I would applaud the new 16MP as in the GX-1, OM-D and the like of Sony's in their 5N and also Samsung's NX200 ( and with 20MP to boot ) The same technology applied to a lower MP, larger photosite sensor would really kick the usability of the system one notch higher.

But we also need lens to go with that ...

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