After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

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Re: Hasn't Sony anything to do with Fuji sensors anymore?

Knight Palm wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

Jun2 wrote:

Panasonic senor is very competitive. M4/3 is very close to performance of APS sensors from Sony and Canon. I don't think they can do better for Olympus, at least not by much.

I agree, but there are others good like Fuji sensors

Fuji sensors are Toshiba sensors.

Is the Fuji sensors now using Sony column ADC IP on Toshiba silicon then?

Interesting. Are they? In which case some Fuji sensors are Toshiba sensors:

Or is the column ADC a generic or Toshiba design?

Column ADC is a generic design. The precise configuration used in the Exmor sensors is a Sony design, some bits of it protected by patents.

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