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The criteria you need to use are probably: a) accuracy-clearness for medical diagnosis-documentation; b) any necessary sterilization-cleanliness issues; c) patient comfort with distance; d) more general photographic concerns. The first three are really the ones that are critical here.

My brother-in-law is an endodontis. In dental school they have to take many pictures to show their mentors/clinical supervisors and at least in his famous dental school, they all had to use the same lens-camera combination. You might check on any special medical requirements. Cleanliness is much more of an issue than in general photography (do you want germs next to your skin infection?) as is sensitivity to patients' feeling of having their "space" invaded and your nearness to body parts that might be embarrassing to show to a stranger.

You may want to consult a specialized medical photography forum.

All other things being equal you probably want a lens that lets you get a little further away, is sharp edge to edge, and can be kept as germ free and cosmetically clean as possible. Of the lenses you mention, the Nikon 105mm f2.8 may be the best.

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