D800. Get it while you can...

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Re: D800. Get it while you can...

Clark Hampton wrote:

what morons eBay sellers must think people are...or maybe there are some out there ("a sucker is born every minute")

They advertise like D800s will "run out" never to be seen again. Like a vintage Life magazine.

People..They are making lots and lots of them. LOTS!

your order will be filled soon.

Don't waste your money on eBay

Actually, there are enough people with enough money who do not want to wait in line, so they will pay the price. They probably aren't as stupid as we might think. Otherwise they would be poor like the rest of us. I know it is hard to imagine, but to some people $3000 and $6000 are just about the same. Think about it. $3000 is only a down payment on a pro level Nikon telephoto lens.

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