The ORB revisited

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Re: The ORB revisited

(3) As I have not experienced Feedme’s random ORBs, I was not trying to belittle his, or anyone else’s problems. Indeed, it seems to me that the fact that some of us have not suffered as drastically from the ORBs as others would bolster Feedme and company’s claim that their X10’s are faulty, and not simply the result of a design “flaw”. That fact alone may explain Fuji’s willingness to swap sensors, presumably for those who will request it.

No I don't think this is correct. It was a false impression that was promulgated by some of the more vociferous X10 users that appeared to either ignore the issue or for some reason wanted to blindly support fuji and their own purchase. In any case, all X10s have the problem. It is a fault in the sensor. DPR showed that there was some variability in the problem from camera to camera. The 'loud' hoohah by many is what changed fuji's mind. Not any form of goodwill or sense of decency on their part. They have lost the right to that claim (in my mind) in their response to this whole debacle.

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