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Somehow that sensor mystery doesn't make sense at all

In the past, all Panasonic sensors except the ones used for the GH1 and GH2 were very well usable but not top notch, i.e. the gap between APS-C and mFT/FT was getting wider and wider.

Panasonic decided to use their best sensors in their best cameras, i.e. the GH series. This is understandable.
But why did Olympus use the "second best" sensors?

There are many reasons, maybe Panasonic really didn't want to share, maybe Oly couldn't afford, maybe Oly didn't want to pay, maybe the design of the GH1/2 sensors was simply not compatible with Oly's specific way of processing the sensor data?
We will possibly never know.

On the other hand, the E-M5 sensor seems a real step forward, i.e. it is not second best anymore, at least not in mFT territory.

What puzzles me is that whoever manages to design a sensor that delivers good quality usually doesn't keep silent about it, au contraire. If a sensor manufactorer can build a mFT sensor that according to dpr and others is good enough to skip APS-C and go FF if you really need more IQ, i'd expect for them to make this a publicly known fact. So whoever it is, why don't they?

Let's assume it is a Panasonic sensor.

What keeps them from admitting? To me it might be a selling point for any future Panasonic camera with a sensor from the same family. The only reason to demand silence might be that Oly somehow manages to get better results from a Panasonic sensor than Panasonic itself.

I don't think that Oly would come up with the "sorry but we cannot tell" when in reality they don't want to admit it is Panasonic? Why should they?

Even if it is a tweaked version of the G3 or GX1 sensor, i can't think of a reasonable reason not to say so.

Let's assume it is not a panasonic sensor.

Then whoever builds it also has no reason to demand silence, especially now with all the good reviews.

The only reason i can come up here is that the sensor is built by a company that until now doesn't have the reputation to build good sensors and if that is the case, it might have been in Oly's interst to keep silence to avoid discussions.

Somehow to me the sensor riddle doesn't make sense at all.


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