American Bittern (2 images)

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John Byrne wrote:

Hi Kim,

A rare opportunity for you in catching these---congratulations . In 2 Exif data programs that I use (Opanda and Kuso) the F/L is shown at 485mm.

With respect to colours I think the white balance is off a bit, I would correct that by establishing the correct mid point and using a curves adjustment click the gray point, then reduce the saturated greens a little. The images appear a very yellowish green ans somewhat over saturated on my monitor. Just a suggestion gie it a try and see if it makes a more pleasing difference.
Cheers Mate,


After consideration of your comments and review of the images I discovered yellow cast did exist in the shadows mostly. I did some adjustments for that though by different technique then what you suggested. I liked the results and swapped the image out in galley (you may have do get rid of cookies for old page before you can see them).


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