Question: DSLR or Canon SX 40 HS. Your opinion?

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Re: Question: DSLR or Canon SX 40 HS. Your opinion?

I have only had my SX40 for less than two weeks, but I am already amazed and stunned to see what a $300 "point and shoot" can do. There is no question about the image quality - it's excellent. The "new" CMOS sensor and new processor probably has a lot to do with that. The image stabilisation is also remarkable. And to get that huge zoom range for what would be the cost of low end medium range DSLR telephoto zoom lense is quite amazing.

Having said that, like others commenting before me, I can't give up on my old DSLR. Good as the image quality of the SX40 is, it can't beat the results of a larger sensor when the situation requires the kind of quality and resolution that a DSLR will give me. On the other hand, would I be packing the DSLR and lenses more than the SX40? Not likley, now that I know what the SX40 can do.

I think you are basically talking about two very different classes of camera. In the best of situation, I will continue to have a small, slip in the pocket compact point and shoot, a DSLR with a medium zoom lens, and have something in the class of the SX40 to sit in the middle.

The question remains - which of the three cameras will I be using the most? I don't know yet but I will in 1-2 months's time.

If I were in your happy position of going out and acquiring a new piece of equipment, I would consider my budget. Assuming that I do not have a DSLR yet, I would make a DSLR the first priority, but only if I have enough money to combine it with a reasonable lens. If that option is outside of my budget, I would opt for the SX40, for now, and save enough to get a reasonable quality DSLR and lens set-up later.

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