After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

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Re: NEITHER, it's *not* the same sensor

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Livemos is actually an Olympus trademark.

It may be a Panasonic sensor but the performance improvement measured by some knowledgeable people here suggests that it is not the same as any sensor in a current Panasonic camera.

the problem is that you do not measure "a sensor", you measure a data written by a firmware, which received a lot of processing - hence you can have the same chip, w/ different CFA, differen AFC, different firmware, etc and get quite different results... goto DxOMark and compare DR of Sony A900 vs Nikon D3x... same Sony Semi 24mp FF chip... very different results... because of quite different design goals

This is not really a problem. The task is to measure a system for recording an image. If the source image is sufficiently controlled and the observations properly done, how well the system records the image can be determined. Which parts or that system are analog hardware, digital hardware and software is not really relevant to the question of how well the system records the image.

except you can have 2 identical chips in 2 different cameras delivering sufficiently different results... and hence claims/tests of better performance from EM5 proves neither that it is not Panasonic nor that it is Panasonic sensor (underneath CFA layer).

That's not a problem. What is of interest is the performance of the camera, not the sensor.

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