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Jun2 wrote:

Panasonic senor is very competitive. M4/3 is very close to performance of APS sensors from Sony and Canon. I don't think they can do better for Olympus, at least not by much.

Even if Panasonic can make the best sensors, they don't have to give their best sensors to their competitor Olympus. In addition, they can charge Olympus very high prices for their best sensors. Thus I agree with Brian that it is best for the system as a whole if Olympus has an option besides Panasonic.

That is true, but the fact is, what's the alternative? They can get their sensors from Sony, who is competitive with their NEX, they could try to buy Kodak's sensor department (which would probably be the best idea, as Kodak is walking the path of Dodo bird and this could be done now, if ever) or they can try DALSA. I don't know what else is there except Canon, who make stuff for their own use.

To me Aptina and and Toshiba are better candidates, Sony will not make a 4/3 sensor to compete with the NEX, Dalsa is good but I am not seeing them doing such kind of sensor

This only supposing because the OMD uses a Live MOS Panasonic sensor

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