Is there a better dx format to replace the D300 right now?

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Re: Not so much for "advanced" DX shooters...period

Yes that price disparity would be very strange. They cannot expect all action shooters to buy D4's. That would create an uproar, suicidal for Nikon's reputation amongst enthusiasts and pros alike. They will have to bring in a lower price point action camera, and it can't take sales away from the D4 so that would have to be DX.

jfriend00 wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

1.) Nikon will not have a D300s successor and Canon will have a 7D successor.

I think more reasonable options would be:

2.) Both Nikon and Canon come out with D300s and 7D successors.

3.) Neither Nikon nor Canon come out with D300s and 7D successors.

Lets be realistic here for minute. Nikon has a longer track record here than Canon does. Nikon made the D2x, D2h, D2xs, D2hs, D200, D300, and D300s; Canon has made the 7D. Both the D300s and 7D came out in 2009, and there isn't a lot to distinguish them from one another. Canon used to make APS-H sensor cameras, which were their flagship sports cameras, but they appear to have abandoned that format and joined Nikon in only offering the FX/"Full Frame" format for flagship sports/action DSLRs. Given this, let me add another option:

4.) Nikon will have a D300s successor and Canon will not have a 7D successor.

I would rank these option from most likely to least likely to be: 2, 3, 4, and 1.

It would be a bit odd if the price point of a decent sports/action camera (something that does at least 8fps and has very good AF) moved from $1800 (D300) to $6000 (D4) which is what would happen if Nikon offered no replacement for the D300 or any other equivalent. I can't say what Nikon will actually do here, but I'd just be surprised if the major dSLR market providers left this need unserved - particularly when there's already a bunch of built in customers already.

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