What makes a good B&W photo???

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Re: B&W vs. Color examples...

And some more on this very provocative subject, im glad you raised here ..

Firstly, i prefer the cups and the boy in B&W, especially the latter with its excellent B&W conversion.. Now see these below : As found in the names - i will not have the color in B&W, for reasons as in my prev post, the B&W conversion (from color) works pretty well in B&W, again for reasons mentioned.

And 2 more points, i do not believe i failed to include :

  • B&W often can come to salvage high ISO images infested with chroma noise and/or heavily banded !

  • Certain subject matter such as (macro) shots of flowers, bugs, birds, even animals, are not good candidates for B&W at all i believe

Now, and finally lets look at the masters - im giving you my personal take on this :

Will i like to see Ansel Adams B&W vistas in color. Oh yes ! Can i see Sally Mann's or HCBs work in color ? Not sure, rather not .. What about Gregory Crewdson - can he still have his magic if they were B&W. Me thinks so. But i cannot see Bill Henson's portraits in B&W !

Very interesting .. Now what film do we put in today ?

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