American Bittern (2 images)

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wwcove (focal length issue)

wwcove wrote:

Very nice images! Exposure looks to be right on target. Just wondering why you did not use a lower ISO since your subject looks still and you could have shot with a much lower shutter speed. Or did you have a large lens requiring a fast shutter speed?

I do think the exposure is good myself and thank you.

To answer your question about ISO and the lens I have to say the focal length in the OP is not correct. Why that is I do not know but I took that exif data from pBase and upon seeing you question had questions myself.

I remembered I had 1.4 converter and 50-500mm Sigma on so yes I had a lot of lens on. I just checked in LR where the focal length is indicated on these as 636mm. That I believe is correct and not what I posted in OP. Strange thing here and I have no idea why it would show differently from pBAse.


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