The ORB revisited

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Re: The ORB revisited

I think most users can agree with the last paragraph;

"One could argue that, in fact, it is the product of the camera" - it is.

", with all its artefacts, that is natural," - it is natural to the camera.

" in that it is not mediated by our brain, and not our own recollection of the scene." - (hmm, sounds familiar to the Jedi Knight trick with the Fuji Rep at the show), but it is true that only the camera interpreted it this way.

The fact remains that most people don't like it (hence the outcry) but a few people still do, or don't mind. Either way, I don't think it's Fuji hardware that has done itself damage, but more to do with the style of the company's response. I really would hesitate before purchasing a new product from them again.

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