upgrading from Leopard to Lion

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Re: upgrading from Leopard to Lion

Edvinas wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

Yes. You could pay once for the Lion flash drive, but it costs at least as much as the (Snow Leopard DVD, Lion download) path.

However in this case you would be able to skip Leopard-> Snow Leopard upgrade and do Leopard-> Lion upgrade directly, right?

I would have thought so (at the minmum, I'd hope Lion would install onto a freshly erased volume, even if it wouldn't install over Leopard). But on the Apple Store site, they repeat the bit about having to upgrade to Snow Leopard first! (What's confusing is that they also refer to downloading Lion from the Mac App Store; why would you do that if you had bought the USB drive?)

Here's MacWorld's take on it:


Personally, if I had an Intel Mac capable of running Leopard, I'd grab a copy of Snow Leopard while it was still available, whether or not I then upgraded the Mac to Lion (or waited and upgraded it to Mountain Lion).

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