American Bittern (2 images)

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Thank you for your comment and inquiry I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I wondered if it was just me. To me they look wildly overexposed.
Kim, are you using a dying CRT monitor?

No I am not using a dying CRT monitor. I am using a NEC Multisync LCD 2690 WUXi that is calibrated for color, contrast and 'brightness considering ambient light' here. The calibration is done with a DTP94 puk and Spectraview II software.

I doubt if it is "just" you. It may look overexposed to others besides you too. Our eyes are different and out monitors are different. Subjective to some extent I suppose.

However it does look good on my monitor (my opinion of course) and the histograms of these images show no overexposure, true it is exposed to the right but nothing blown.
Screen shot (click to expand)-

The nice things about histograms is they do not trick us like our eyes do and really they are not tricked even by a monitor.

I do agree with the comment from the previous poster about contrast as an adjustment there can add a bit of detail to the head/face but brightness I do not think is an issue.

Is the monitor that you are using calibrated for color and brightness Henry?

Otherwise, the pictures are great captures.


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