D700 and D300S combined... 1 new FX Model?

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Re: Focus and reach

David314 wrote:

I really wish the D800 had 8 fps in DX mode, that seems like a big mistake to me

I imagine that the D800 has it's own cost challenges to hit it's price point and putting in a mirror/shutter/power system that goes 8 fps was quite beyond the budget. Remember, mirror and shutter and power to drive all those is a function of the mechanical FX design and doesn't get any easier when you're shooting crop mode.

the problem with an entry level FX camera as a replacement for the D300 is that it would check of even less boxes, and really would not be an upgrade for D300 users

Yeah, I think a lot of folks who are excited about a possible low-end FX camera don't realize that (because if the higher price of the FX sensor) it may have to be less of a camera than the D300 in other areas (like fps and perhaps AF) to hit the price point that people are excited about at the low-end.

and I think there is a legion of DX users, with D90's D40's, D3000's for which a $3K camera is simply way out of reach

Agree there. That's why I think Nikon can see a lot of $$ by making a new top-end DX camera in the $1500-$1800 range. Lots and lots of DX owners who would aspire to that camera as a 100% upgrade to what they currently have, but for whom a the other FX bodies are out of reach price wise and a bit foreign to the lenses they shoot with.

and maybe the day of the $1800 DX camera is gone so the D400 becomes a D8000 (I like the symmetry with even numberining) and has slightly less mechanical build quality, comes in around $1500, but has all of the sensor, focus, features, we would expect from the D400

I personally don't know why Nikon would give up the D400 moniker for the top-end DX. D400 would signify a true upgrade to the D300, a pro-build without grip, whereas D8000 would call into question whether it really has the features that serious amateurs and current D300 owners want. To date, the Dx00 numbers have been pro-build bodies without built-in grip. The D400 could continue with that tradition just like the D100, D200, D300, D700, D800 that came before.

and the D400 becomes the entry level FX camera - unfortunately, it will not be a replacement for the D700 because in order to meet the approximae $2K price point, it would have to eliminate features

D600 seems like a more natural for the entry level FX. Newer sensor, but lesser specs than the D700 and lower price point. They could have D600, D700, D800 all in the lineup for FX (perhaps D700 gets phased out eventually).

the mini D4 that everyone wants, will be at the D800 price point, at least

I don't think Nikon is in a hurry to do a mini-FX D4. First off, I think it's a little hard to figure out where it would go in the lineup. You've got the D4 at $6k and the D800 at $3k and the D700 at $2.7k and the D300s at $1.7k.

The camera that likely replaces the D700 is the new entry-level FX (rumored to be the D600) and I wouldn't be surprised if they target $2.2k or something like that to put it some distance below the D800 and make a new lower entry point for FX. But as discussed, that camera would be dumbed down in some ways to hit that price point so that's not really the mini-D4 in speed or AF or build probably.

The 36MP D800 is sitting at $3k. The two remaining options are to do a mini-D4 like 16MP at either $3k or $4k (perhaps 8fps with the D4 sensor) to be a cousin of the D4 like the D700 was a cousin of the D3. If you want max speed, you go for the D4. If you want small body speed, you go for the mini-D4. If you want resolution, you go for the D800. I could see all this eventually, but it seems like Nikon would think the market would be much bigger for a $2k D600 entry level FX than a $4k mini-D4 so that would come first.

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