Doesn't anyone enjoy photography anymore irregardless of what brand one uses?

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Re: Doesn't anyone enjoy photography anymore irregardless of what brand one uses?


It's a waste of time arguing with him and I don't know why I bother. It's just that so many of his posts are like finger nails scraping on a blackboard that I just have to yell stop. Unfortunately Logic defies him as does proper grammar. I truly believe he posts just for attention and writes provocative stuff just to get a response. He's got like 14,000 posts.

BTW I'm not sure he knows what "strawman" means.


Scott Larson wrote:

carlk wrote:

You're the one who was saying ten years old PC won't work today but ten years old camera will work just fine.

No I never said it "won't work"! They will both work just as they did ten years ago. I have no idea where you said ten years in regards to computers either (you said something about 256 MB of RAM) so you must have gotten them confused in your ridiculous comparison.

Surprise they all will work but they are just not very desirable when you have better options today.

And what will these "better options" get me? I can run Photoshop on the old computer but I can also run Photoshop on the new computer.

Don't strawman me (you're not even rwbaron) you're the one who started comparing ten years old 1D to today's camera.

I sure was and it's clear you have never used this ten years old 1D camera. If you use a camera to take photos like I used it for, it was and still is a fantastic camera. I would use it over a 60D or a 5D Mark II in almost all situations. I took hundreds of thousands of shots with mine and I still regularly pull archived shots that are perfectly comparable to shots I've taken with "today's camera".

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