It's REAL clear to me now.

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Re: Check out the link before you make up your mind about D800 and fast action.

Event_shooter wrote:

sssesq wrote:

Refering to the Polo shots.

You're not understanding my point. Yes you can shoot a few frames of the D800 and get a great shot, buy no one can take a high series of photos with the D800E.

Take the Polo shots. Show me the three frames before each of those shots and show me the 4 frames after each of those posted shots. You can't no one can because it's impossible for the D800E to capture those shots at full resolution. I know I shot them both side my side. One shoots like a musket rifle the other shoots like a machine gun.

Yes the posted polo shot shows a person on a horse with a mallet across his face. Wouldn't a better shot be a second later or earlier when the mallet was NOT blocking his face? Let's say you like that mallet across his face, great, but with the D4 you get to decide when you get home which is the better shot because you have three shots before the face, three shots on the face and three shots after the face THEN you get to select one or all as a great shot.

One reason is with such big files the buffer took it's good ole time to write, which locked the camera out for any shooting. So if you shoot a burst with the D800E, and you fill the buffer after a burst, you must wait for the camera to clear. In sports you sometimes don't have the time to wait for the buffer to clear. an entire car crash can happen while you wait for the buffer to clear.

Same goes for any of the ball shots. Maybe the mallet actually hitting the ball is a better shot, seeing the ball deformed by the force - who knows, we will never know because the D800E doesn't allow us to see that type of series of shots.

Shooting with the D800E you are limited to what you choose strictly my the math and the number of shots limited by the 800E.

No one is arguing you can't take a sports photo or use the 800E for anything and everything, BUT the D4 puts the D800 to shame as for sports, and if people want to keep arguing that point then all I can say is talk to the hand, because my work is done here.

Nikon drew a line in the sand D4 fast for sports, D800E stunning quality. No one can ever make one do what the other does, PERIOD.

I bought both because I assumed this was true, now like I said, the real world woke me up.

Had I only bought the D800E, I would be disappointed in the speed. Had I just bought the D4 I would be disappointed in the MP compared to the D800E.

Excellent explanation, I would love to have both too

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