After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

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Re: As a fan of this format, I hope...

Big Ga wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Olympus will always have had options, if they were willing to pay for them.

This reminds me of the historical rumour that Oly refused to pay Honeywell for rights to use their AF technology.

So did several, but they got sued. Oly did make the OM707, which i guess used Honeywell patents.

Disastrous mistake if you ask me. I've just posted over on 1022 about what I'd like in an E7, and that's reliable focus, and a good sensor, because I believe those two are probably THE most important things in a modern camera for anyone who's main concern is the final resultant image. I suspect Oly were unwilling to pay what was needed to make their cameras competitive, and look what happened.

Indeed, the rest, as they say, is history. When up against competitors pouring in R&D investment, failing to make it is not a strategy for success.

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