New D600 FX This Summer

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Re: New D600 FX This Summer

Have you ever picked up an F4, F5 or for that matter an F100. None of those cameras could be called "compact" Don't get me wrong, I have a D300 and I really want a D400 in DX but sensor size does not have a lot to do with the size of DSLR's.

You are correct in this, I think. Look at the sizes of comparable DX and FX bodies from Nikon. The D300 and D700 were almost identical....just a bit bigger "hump" for the larger pentaprism. The D2 and D3 series camera were about the same size. Interestingly enough, the new D800 is only about 60g heavier than the D300. No, I think historically Nikon (and Canon and less so Sony) has decided that "pro" has to be big and heavy. Had a recent frustrating conversation about what constitutes pro but in the end I think Nikon might have to re-think what that means.

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