Now that DPR confirmed that E-M5 is a killer camera...

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Re: I read through the review... Question left unanswered...

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I read through the review and was pleased to read such generally favourable comments. Good for Olympus. The review indicates a lot of the excellent reasons for which I also would like to get an E-M5, to be used as a second camera.

Unless I missed it somehow, however, one aspect that is not dealt with in the review, is the camera's compatibility and capability when using other lenses than the dedicated µFT-lenses. Not just legacy OM lenses or lenses of whatever other brand, but notably, the FT Zuiko lenses.

Now of course, this is something that is not the subject of any other camera's review on DPR, so for reasons of consistency it is logical that DPR does not go into that, but for us FT-users, it is of course a very important consideration : how well will we be able to use our FT lenses? For some of us, that question may even be vital.

The question is also relevant in general, given the fact that Olympus has made clear that for the company, a merger into "one beautiful system" is the ultimate intention.

The review deals with the E-M5 as the top model of the µFT line, and seen as such, I am sure that it deserves its very high rating and the Gold Award. If I had unlimited means, I would certainly get one (but I knew that already).

As a camera that is a step towards the merger of systems, the result is less clear.
And that is the reason that may make me wait some longer.

E-M5 looks like a very nice and well performing cam. The new sensor is as good a 4/3 sensor can be. The wait for the merge of the system took me too long. Loads of great 2.0 zuiko glass, 300/2.8 and still no descent AF tracking or state of the art body that challenges these lenses. My 2.0 glass + e5 is on sale. I will miss my zuiko's 150/2.0 and 12-60 most, couldn't find anything close from Nikon. Look forward to my D800E that (hopefully) arrives this week.

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