It's REAL clear to me now.

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Re: It's REAL clear to me now.

sssesq wrote:

My, my, touched a nerve, did I. I am certainly not a D700 fanboy. I am saving my coins to get the D800 cause it answers many of the problems of not being able to afford long glass (400 2.8 @ $9500.00 US). What it takes to get 'The Shot' with the D800 are good understanding of the sport and good technique shooting and good skill in post.

I don't get your point here, the D700 can shoot at twice the framerate of the D800. I don't think anyone is arguing that an 8fps camera isn't suitable for sports, but would you choose to set your D700 to 4fps for these events? I doubt it.

Yeah, you can talk all day about how anticipating the moment and knowing your subject will get you great action shots regardless of the camera, and yes it will. It won't get you as many though. When I'm shooting wildlife I'm not just spray and praying at a whole bunch of birds. I'm still waiting for the right moment to start a burst, and stopping and starting as needed. The fact is, doing that combined with a high frame rate will give you a lot more great shots to choose from, a lot more wing positions/body positions, whatever applies. For example a couple of weeks ago I was shooting lions, and every time one yawned I would fire off a burst, knowing when to start mattered, but I'd still much rather have 8-10 different open mouthed pics to choose from than 4-5.

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