645d vs d800

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Re: Fanboys are funny

Aku Ankka wrote:

Why? DxOMark disagrees with you. Is it because you've seen the truth, or the truth was revealed to you by some higher being?

I can actually use my eyes, back in the day sound noise reduction was used to conquer tests, so people thought they were getting something better than they were, as it turned out, it just degraded quality by playing to an audience that could smell BS. DXO is a very useful tool, but it will also tell me some porkies that I do not agree with.

At least since they have never produced a good CMOS based camera (except D2x) (CCD was good for color, even for Nikon)

CMOS or CCD is absolutely irrelevant when it comes to color. Color is created by light penetrating a color filter array and the pixels, regardless of if it's CMOS or CCD record only certain (somewhat overlapping) wavelengths.

I wish that were true, but its not the whole story. There is a reason some prefer CCD,
CMOS requires noise cancelation be applied very early in the pipeline,

CCD uses larger photo sites for same MP, so gathers more correct information per square area, and leaves less of a gap between sites. Simply put the extra circuitry needed for a CMOS sensor (the ones that also make the über ISO possible) blocks a large portion of the light. even when sensors are "gapless" their underlining technology is smaller. nosier, and cheaper to mass produce.

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