After all, the OM-D sensor is Panasonic and ..

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Re: True, GH2 is better.

Adventsam wrote:

Olymore wrote:

There have been endless threads discussing this. After all the arguments, for the majority of rational posters, the conclusion has been that the gains in DR and shadow noise are too large for it to be the same sensor as that in the GH2 or G3.

It is the same as GH2 in DR, HL and Shadow in LR4RC2, noise is different, better on GH2 by some margin.

By rational, I'm excluding the brand obsessives on both sides who would argue black is white.

Using any RAW processor the innards of which are slathered in "secret sauce" for amateurs (i.e., such as Adobe appllications) to perform "sensor-analysis", and then making "declarations" about image-sensor topology is like buying a Willie Wonka tower-system on clearance sale at Toys R Us, and then declaring that one has dis-assembled the machine-code of the CPU's supporting chip-set.

DM ...

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