last post for aku it all wouldnt fit darn it

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Re: last post for aku it all wouldnt fit darn it

DMillier wrote:

Some people play sport, some watch it. Most who watch it "support" a team and want that team to win. That makes sense as that's what sport is about.

Doesn´t make sense to me at all maybe because I live right next door to a football stadium ... and see all those brainless hooligans ..and the even more brainless "security-guards" ....

How does it make sense to "support" a camera brand? The brand is nothing but an invention of advertisers and marketing people who have only one thought in mind: to manipulate you into giving them your money. Do you really want to help them do that?

Nope are right ... but ... in the end ...if you want a camera will end up helping some company.

To my mind cameras are products, tools you can use. If they objectively do the job, that's great, if they don't buy something that does. That makes sense to me. "Supporting" a camera marque, is just bizarre,

Yes .. but isn´t it even more bizarre to cruise around in various fora , bashing certain brands and telling the users of those brands how stupid they are ... ??

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