Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

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Re: Txs God I didn't buy a NIKON!

I just replaced my HX100V with a Nikon Coolpix P510.

My reason for getting rid of the HX100V was Sony's useless GPS implementation (which never tagged my travel photos, since it turns completely off when the camera is shut off).

But apart from the better GPS implementation, I was surprised to find that the P510 preserved better detail when viewed closer to pixel level -- the Sony images look over-processed when compared to the P510.

You can see a comparison of moonshots taken with both cameras at full zoom here:


The Sony menu navigation seems a little more intuitive than the Nikon's. Overall, the two cameras are close, but the P510 is a bit better in some respects, including longer zoom (which is surprisingly usable), better GPS implementation and less heavy-handed processing.

aaanouel wrote:

Thanks God I purchased a Sony HX100V, not a Nikon.


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