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captura wrote:

I have a TZ4 and an LX3. Do you think that the ZS15 or ZS15 models would make a worthwhile replacement for the latter two models? Video is not important to me.

I am currently struggling with basically the same question, and have been posting a lot on the subject.

I have a TZ5 [very similar to TZ4], and a ZS3, ZS6, and now ZS19. The TZ5 is a great camera - essentially equal to the ZS3 &6, but I keep chasing the "thinnest" camera that will do the job - and the ZS19/20 is a bit slimmer, and has a lot of interesting features that I haven't yet really evaluated.

Probably, coming from TZ4, the first thing you would notice is that the ZS19 is a lot faster , AF & shooting] has blazing fast full-res 'burst', and the OIS seems [so far, to me] UNBEATABLE.

Read my comments on the other ZS20 threads, I'm trying to share my ZS19/20 experiences with the forum.


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