A month in New York with X-Pro 1

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Re: A month in New York with X-Pro 1

malabito wrote:

Excellent images!!!! Fresh, so much light and colors, love them.

Cannot say much about the frame, but considering picts are so great, the frame issue passes unnoticed to me.

Keep up the wonderful picts, and please continue posting them.>

I read that you use snapspeed on iPad, that means you actually shoot all of these on jpeg?

Thanks for the kind words! I'll post when I shoot a lot, but I almost never shoot like I shot for the last month (ie, EVERY day, a LOT!), so I'll post pretty sporadically going forward. I'll likely make this New York trip into a book and will likely post a link for that when I actually get around to doing it and finishing it...

Snapseed will process raw if Apple supports the format, but they don't support the X-Pro yet. My EPL3 images I brought in as raw. But my X-Pro 1 files are all jpeg. After a lot of experimenting with the X100 raw and jpeg files, I elected to stick with jpegs for that camera and I don't anticipate shooting raw with the X-Pro either. The jpegs are so good and have so much latitude for post processing and the Fuji NR algorithms are generally better than any I've applied in PP to raw files.


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