D4 - best walk around lens for a Disney Vacation

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Re: D4 - best walk around lens for a Disney Vacation - Thanks

Someone did comment as well that a person with a D4 asking such as question is also surprising because, though I have won a couple of local awards for some photographs, i have not had the opportunity to be at Disney & asking for suggestions on a walk around lens does not make me dumb !

Sorry, but yes. Asking which walk-around lens you should bring to a common street shooting event is pretty dumb. By common, I mean common situations that you should be simply aware of when owning a Nikon D4. It just shows that this is your very first DSLR camera and that you don't have any idea of focal lengths. + Bringing a Heavy camera which is a tool that will give you the exact same images as any amateur DSLR in daylight situations is another bogus point here. Why do you think that Hasselblad or D4 shooters own 3 or 4 different smaller, pocket-able systsems ? Therefore.

I just hope that you "know" your camera well, and will bring back beautiful memories home but let's face it : this is not the right tool unless you want to shoot something particular in pitch black.

I also hope that your other treads wont ask about how to shoot proper photos with your D4, in this case, please read the manual and do some research on google about focal lengths and aperture control before beginning such a tread.

You all have been wonderful & thank you again for taking to the time out to give your inputs, which have really helped me decide.

You to.

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