Which Zeiss lense to go?

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Re: Which Zeiss lense to go?

Ahhh I got you wrong. but no harm done as I got hold of a 60 2.8 AF today after your recommendation. I actually intended to find a 55 the only one available around my place was sold out on the morning whereas I arrived in the afternoon. Instead I found this 60 also interesting so... a good used one for $270. Just it is a little too big on a GXR for everyday use so I will keep it in the bag and swap out when I need to.

I'm going to get a Voigtlander Ultron 40mm F2 in next two days. Its compactness should be handy to be kept on most of the time.

Then I will have this line up - 28mm (Ricoh A12), 60mm(Voigtlander 40), 90mm (Nik 60), 180mm (Nik 60 with TC200). Hmmm I'm just enjoying myself

When cash come back flowing a silver color C-Sonnar or Summicron could be bagged for added joy.

Starting taking some photos already I heard? Yes I've been doing that daily for a while.

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